Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Mind is a-Churnin

My plans for getting one thing done before I start on another has been working great. I just finished my uncle's painting and not only that... I actually shipped it too! WOOHOO. I am so glad that space in my mind is now free to think about other creative things.
Ever since I decided to start block printing my mind will not stop working. I find inspiration EVERYWHERE!!! Which is fabulous... even more fabulous if I could find the time to work on some of my ideas :-) HA! Hopefully sometime soon. I have been making some lino cuts but I have to fine tune the actual printing process to get exactly what I want. Once that happens I plan on making some stuff to put on Etsy!!! I can't wait!I had to venture out to Michael's this week to pick up some varnish to finish my Uncle's painting, and I discovered that they now have a "dollar" isle!!! You know, I think they see me coming... all these store see me coming in with this big FAT sign on my forehead that says, "I AM A SUCKER FOR DOLLAR DEALS." Luckily, I did really good and resisted until I found these:
These little frames are sooooo CUTE!!!! (and also very small, the largest at 4" wide). They are made for pictures, of course... but my mind started working and I can't stop thinking about what I can do with these little gems. The first thing I made was a Y for my monogrammed wall. Then, I was thinking of more things that I could embroider for the frames, and what about silhouettes??? I have been wanting to make some silhouettes of my kids.... I would probably want to paint the frames a more "little boy" friendly color, but hey. And why stop there??? You could use these for scrapbooking, jewelry and art projects. I am telling you, I have never been so inspired by little trinkets found in the dollar isle. I hope the inspiration just keeps rolling in. Oh wait.. maybe I can incorporate the frames somehow with my block printing!!! Needles to say, I bought 10 of the frames, and I am sure that the next time I am in the store I will probably buy more! I still have to iron and stretch the monogram embroidery, but this will give a good idea of what it will look like:
This past week I also made a pair of booties and a hat for a friend of mine who just had a little girl last month. Unfortunately, I was so excited to get them sent off, that I neglected to get pics of them. But somehow, I managed to get a picture of the congrats card that I made :-)
I also made a really cute card for my uncle to go with his painting and I got a picture of the painting but not the card :-) someday I will get it right!! So far that is it. I am really trying to concentrate on my block prints until I get my Etsy shop up and running. After that I would really like to start screen printing. I should set a goal for myself because I tend to be good with deadlines. Lets say... Etsy shop up by the end of April, that should give me plenty of time!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Scribble Project

I found this great blog and decided to participate and here it is: