Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am in a strange place right now... the place between having too much and not enough to do. I guess the reality of the situation is that I have too many things that I have to do and not enough things that I want to do. :-) But I guess that is just called life. I took a small, much needed, break from my work to redo my basement. 1/3 of my basement is used for my craft area or what I like to call, My Studio, and the other portion of the basement is used as a guest room and venue for fight nights (when my husband has his friends over to watch pay-per-view fights). It worked o.k. for both purposes but one day I started to look at it and decided that it would work better if I rearranged it, painted the walls, redecorated, added furniture and... well you get the idea. So the walls are now painted, the existing furniture is moved and so far so GREAT!!! The best part is that my studio was in the back of the basement with absolutely NO sunlight and now I have total access to the only window down there. It is soooo awesome! And because the guys don't want the glare from the window anyway, it will work out great for all of us. Here are a few sneak peeks at the basement. My studio side is a SUPER big mess and unorganized but for the most part, it is where it will stay. The theater side is still not done so those pics will come later.The curtain room divider.
My mess of a studio.
The other half of my messy studio.

And now I am just trying to keep my ideas written down to be worked on when I have more time and I am trying to keep a list going of things that I would like to accomplish this summer. We will see how that goes. I kinda have an ongoing to do list that never gets done. So far though I am trying to keep my focus on my basement so that will just be DONE!!! But I am finding that pretty hard since I am starting to get that "ADD" itch to start on something new. I... have.... to.... keep.... thinking..... BASEMENT. I will be so glad when that is done. :-) More to come....