Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Trip

You might recall that my grandmother passed away this past December.  Although she lived most of her life in Erie, Pennsylvania, she was currently living in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV.  Her burial requests led us all back to PA.  Erie is known for their lake-effect snow, so it was the consensus to wait until warmer weather before having the service.  My family chose Mother's day weekend, which was appropriate, to celebrate the life of my Grandmother.  We just got back home last week and here are some of the highlights. (I'll spare you the 900+ family pictures)

We arrived just in time to see this beautiful sunset!

I love the beach! 

The beach community that we stayed in.

This might be morbid, but I find old cemeteries to be absolutely beautiful.

My mom saw no problem bringing several bags like this in her check in luggage.  She did get stopped by security but surprisingly not detained :-)

Bloody Mary time with the fam.

Although it was cold, the lake was still beautiful! 

 Roasting marshmallows with the kiddos.

Both sets of my grandparents are buried in cemeteries only a few miles apart, we were able to visit them all.

Ah...  and the trip home, only 15 hours in the car.

Those were the highlights, minus the karaoke videos...  I might get into some major trouble sharing those with the World Wide Web of Embarrassment :-)  I am horribly busy right now with the school year coming to an end and handling the back up from traveling.  I am hoping that once school is out, it will allow some time for me to blog more.  I have plenty to share!!!  Until next time, Happy Travels!