Monday, December 31, 2012


This very blog is all about my nutty domestic tendencies and my crazy crafting compulsions.  I work part time at an Independent craft boutique and I teach a variety of crafty classes, including crochet.  I get asked by many customers and my students how I started crafting and how I ended up so domestic.  I believe that there HAS to be a domestic/crafty gene that I inherited and there is only one person (well 2) to blame.  My mother passed this crazy gene on to me from this lady, my Grandma.

My grandma did it all, cooked, cleaned, sewed, crocheted, crafted....  you name it.  My mom and my Grandma both taught me how to crochet and I will never forget that!  I remember a specific time when my Grandmother was "heckling" me (her term) because my crocheted beanie was more of Yarmulke.

On Friday, December 28th 2012 my Grandma passed away.  She celebrated her 90th birthday this past June and lived a very full life.  She had 6 kids (wow), 11 grandchildren (if my math is correct) and currently 8 great grandchildren.  She had a great and feisty sense of humor and she told the best stories!!!

Every time I crochet I will think of my Grandma....  she will be missed dearly by many people and her stories will live inside us all!

Love you, Grandma!

Oh MY!!!

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted!!  Christmas season this year was crazy, to say the least.  The preparations and the family that we visited kept us very busy.  This year I decided not to make my Christmas cards...  that adds a whole new level of busy onto an already busy season.  Plus this year I was a little more interested in making my gifts.

And so here are some of the gifts that I made...

I made a TON of these Headbands/Ear Warmers this year:

...  I had to make one for my in-law's dog too!!!  :-)

I had fun mixing yarns for a cowl:

This is the flip toy that I made for my 4 month old nephew.

And he needed a hat too, although it didn't fit because lil man had a HUGE head!  :-)

 I made a similar hat for my son's teacher.... hopefully it fits :-/

I also make a bunch of these scarflettes:

I made this ruffle scarf for my ma...

The beard hat is the biggest rage here in the Midwest.  I knitted & crocheted this one for the Redneck Gift exchange that we participated in.  

I embroidered a few tea towels for my MIL, and failed to get completed pictures:

Despite my diligent watering....  my Christmas tree died 2 weeks before Christmas!  Just dropped all of it's needles and decided it was done.... we ran out and bought a fake one!  We are now officially a 'fake-Christmas-Tree-houshold':

But.... I love how it looks.

And even though Christmas is over, I am still working on projects!!!  Which I can't wait to share!  Hope everyone had a great holiday and I wish you all a fantastic New Year!!!!