Thursday, February 28, 2013


Wow..  this month has certainly run away from me.  This short month has been filled with projects, illness and lots and lots of snow.  In the last week we have been hammered here in the Midwest with more snow that we normally get in an entire season, and we got it all in just a few hours.

On Valentine's day I got a special present... the flu.  So that has been keeping me indoors and trying to stay healthy.  With that in mind I have been on a HUGE knitting kick.  I am a big fan of the "Triangle Front Scarf" (of as I like to call it, Party in the Front), and so I have been obsessed with knitting triangular shawls to wear as scarves.  I am completely in love with knitting these....  they are super fun and exciting to knit since I am learning new stitches and techniques.  Here is the first one I made, which is a free pattern found here.

This one was super basic and easy so I decided to step it up and make this lace shawl pattern, also free found here.

I love this one so much that, as you can see, I have knitted 3 in 1 week and I have yarn lined up to make at least 2 more :-)  Here is an idea of size difference, different yarn & different needles make a huge difference:

I will be back soon with more knitting projects.  Until next time, Happy knitting!