Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Girl's Got A Blog

My friend, Karen, recently started her own blog.  She has great taste, beautiful pics, awesome DIYs and her blog is amazing!  Definitely check it out here: http://ialwayspickthethimble.wordpress.com/!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy Karen's blog!  Until next time, Happy Blogging! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cross Stitch Canvas DIY

You can't call yourself a crafter if you've never cross stitched!  It's a right of passage in the crafting world and it is a 'must-do-at-least-once' kinda thing.  Recently it has become extremely popular to incorporate cross stitch into modern home decor.

 Here is a great 1st time project or just an updated way to practice cross stitching.

1st step, paint your canvas.  If you want to go with a white background, I still suggested painting it with white paint.   Sure, the canvas is already white, but it will make a more finished look and will show that the white was intentional.

2nd step, map out your lettering.  I printed a large font from my computer and used the print as a template.  Then I made a grid to map out my stitches.

3rd step, paint the word Sweet.

4th step, with the grid as a guide, I taped it onto the back of the canvas and using a thumb tack, I poked the holes where each of the corners of the crosses would be.  Then start stitching using yarn.

And whaaaalaaa, you have a simple and unique addition to your home decor or a really nice home made gift to give.