Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I think I might just be able to make my deadline, or maybe just a little late? I am in the process of making my first series. The series is "A is for, B is for..." I am doing about 6-8 letters at a time. The first round is almost complete. I still have some touching up to do, some more to print, shipping costs to figure out and then my Etsy shop will be up and running. Here is just a sample:

I recently made an embroidery with one of those $1 frames for my monogrammed wall and I LOVED how it turned out:
So I am toying with the idea of selling those also. Since they sold out of the actual frames, I recently made molds of the frames with this GREAT clay specifically designed to make flexible molds.
Here is the process:

Then you put the mold on tin foil, bake it according to the manufacturers instructions and whhaa laaa!! Instant mold. I made silicone molds in a sculpture class in college and let me tell you, this mold clay is sooo much easier and faster... sure it has it limitations, but for what I wanted it for... it was excellent!
I also made myself a new pendant. I really wanted a mom necklace, but not one that was a really obvious MOM necklace. So I made this:It is supposed to be a nest with 2 "eggs" each symbolizing each of my kids. I love it and I haven't taken it off since I made it! I have a few other ideas for pendants but my focus right now is to get these block prints made and ready to sell.

I have also decided to make "custom" prints for a few Etsy artists that I find inspiration in. I have some ideas sketched out, but nothing made yet. I plan on making 1 print for each person and sending it to them as a thank you (although they don't even know that they inspired me... which I find to be the best part!) Well, more to come when I get my shop opened!