Friday, February 27, 2009

Cute Story

I don't know why, but I never thought that kids really had imaginary friends. I don't remember ever having one and I didn't know anyone that had one, so I thought that it was a fictitious idea that people used to tell stories. Well...... I was wrong. :-) My 3 1/2 year old son has an imaginary friend that he likes to call, Monkey. Judging by the way my son carries him around, Monkey is quite small, maybe the size of a quarter? He is very friendly, likes to listen to stories and loves to play with Hot Wheels. I thought that this was the CUTEST thing ever and I can't seem to grasp that my 3 year old son already has the imagination to create his own little "person"! So I asked him some questions about Monkey's appearance and I decided to make him a little stuffed monkey so that his Monkey could be just a little more real. I put aside the projects that I was working on, grabbed some leftover fabric that I had laying around and in 1 day made his friend, Monkey, come to life. He's a little funny looking and is definitely homemade.... but my son really likes him. The stuffed Monkey's body is about 7" tall with the legs adding another 4" and the only complaint I received was that this monkey wasn't as small as his 'real' Monkey. :-)


Shiloh said...

That is absolutely adorable Cortney! You are so creative!

giselaisback said...

haha, cute monkey