Monday, May 17, 2010

And.... I am back.

I am back from Chicago!!!! I would like to say that I am refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle the world. Reality: It is still freaking crazy around here. May this year is just insane for me. Hopefully June will be refreshing and relaxing. :-) yeah right!

Here are some of the highlights from Chicago

IKEA: If you live somewhere that has one, then you might not be able to appreciate this. Or you might appreciate this even more. This is the closest Ikea to Kansas City and I was thrilled to go. It was awesome!

We were on our way to Wicker Park, so I decided to look up some "crafty" stores and this was the 1st one we went to and let me tell you.... it was SOOOOO great! I was so in awe that I didn't get any pictures of any part of the store. I will post a picture soon of what I scored.

I go to Chicago (not as often as I would like) to visit my girl, Jess (my old roommate from college) and her man, Joe. The shopping and flat tires are just a bonus. But I couldn't come empty handed so I made these really cute toys for their 2 cats: Spike and Maury. This is a free crochet pattern on Lion for sardines in a tin can. Precious. I happen to grow cat nip in my herb garden so I quickly dried some and stuffed it in the sardines... along with little jingle bells :-) They were a big hit!
I have TONS more to post about and not enough time to do it right now, soon though... very soon.

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