Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am attending a wedding in a week and a half and I decided it would probably be smart if I bought a dress. Since I have to get a maternity dress, the selection is pretty minimal. Luckily this is an outdoor wedding and not super formal attire, so the selection for summer day dresses is a bit larger than for formal maternity dresses. Anyway, I found a dress that worked (which is VERY red) and for some reason I decided that I needed a necklace to go along with this dress. I found a necklace on that I really liked but it was orange and lime green, it would have worked if it was red and lime green so I was on a quest. I bought a few things and ended up using the least expensive beads that I bought and a silver necklace from my jewelry box that I was never going to wear. I used red coral beads, lime Jade beads, and Lucite flowers. Unlike the Etsy necklace, this one I decided to make asymmetrical. It is the first necklace that I have that isn't symmetrical and I really like it. I think it turned out great and I really like it with the dress... the flower might be a bit much with the pattern on the dress but OH WELL.
I was also thinking about making either earrings or a bracelet to go with this. I don't normally wear bracelets, so I thought earrings. I can't decided between the one on the left and the one on the right. But now I am thinking that the earrings might be a little much?? I am probably thinking about this way too much!

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