Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 recent projects

After making the frog prince, I caught my 4 year old trying to hide it in his room because he wanted it for himself. So I told him I would crochet him an animal... he just had to pick it out. He wanted a turtle and I found a free crochet pattern on I used yarn I had, it turned out great and here it is:Since I can work on a knitting or crochet project when we are slow at work, I decided to pick up something long term so that I would always have something that I can work on. I was going for a sweater but I think the pattern that I picked is more of a shirt. I define all hand knitted full upper body garments as sweaters but this is definitely turning out to be more of a shirt. Lighter weight than a sweater and since it isn't long sleeved, it's function isn't to keep me warm. I am a little concerned that I made the wrong size. I made a large because the medium was 1/2" bigger than my body measurement, but now I think I probably should have made the medium because it would stretch. I think that if it happens to be a little big, then I might sew the seams closer or run some elastic under the bust, which might actually add a nice detail. We will see. As of right now I am about 3/4 done knitting the front. I still have the back to knit and after it is sewn together I will pick up and knit the cap-ish sleeves. Say tuned of that :-) Here is a pic after I just began to give you an idea of color.

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