Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Projects

I am always itching for my new project!!! Unfortunately I have 50 unfinished projects calling my name, but that doesn't stop me from starting new ones. One of those 50 unfinished projects was the sweater that I just finished, so I figure that I finish one, start 5 :-) It's an illness, I know... their are a lot of terms for the condition that I suffer from, craftaholic being probably the best. The 1st step in any 12 step program is admitting that you have a problem... I have no problem admitting that I have this problem. But unlike most people in the 12 step program, I don't want to quit! I should however check in once a month here. :-) So here is a photo-list of some of the new projects on my TO DO list :-) (click on pics for sources.)

Sewing: I recently made a duct tape dress form of myself. I have yet to make the apparatus to permanently affix it to, so right now it is just an empty shell. But once I have the stand, I will stuff it and hang it so I can start making custom clothing and be able to hem and whatnot.
(for a gift):
And I just bought this pattern and some Amy Butler fabric, because I need another bag/purse/tote like I need a hole in my head!
That's about half of what is really on my mental craft agenda. Maybe I will get some of these things done?!?!?! All I have to do is commit :-)
Oh and my girl, Erin, has just started her very own blog... a must check out/follow. She said that she is going to have a monthly give away!!!!!


Erin Myone said...
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Erin Myone said...

I had a typo in my first comment, so instead of appearing as a poor speller I have chosen to be the girl who deletes a mystery comment.

Here is the jist of my previous statement:
Cortney you are the best, your to-do list makes me drool a little...
And thanks so much for "pimping" my blog.