Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sweater

I just finished my 1st "sweater". It isn't really a sweater, more like a knitted shirt. The pattern is called "Mini Dress" from this book.
I originally started to knit this in August and knitted the entire front. I got a little burnt out and a bit discouraged because it seemed really big. So I have had the yarn and the front of the shirt sitting in my "half done" project pile since then. I came across it when I was cleaning last week and I started itching to work on it. So I got it out and looked at it and sure enough it was even bigger than it was last year... mostly because I lost the rest of the baby weight that I had gained during my last pregnancy. So after a few minutes of deliberation, I decided to rip it all out and start over. I know completely shocking... I put in all that work to just let it go to waste. But I finally decided that if I am going to put that much work into knitting something, then I am going to want it to fit and I am going to want to wear it after I am done. Not only that, it is a good exercise in patience :-) So, the 1st try was a large and it was so big that I decided to knit a small and I am REALLY glad that I did!
The only complicated part of this pattern is that the colors are knitted in intarsia, which means that I change colors while knitting. Not really complicated, but it definitely can be frustrating since I was working constantly with 5 balls of yarn. It was knit in stockinette stitch, so the rest of it was really easy. I had to sew up the side seams, which is not my favorite thing to do, but luckily the patterns has you pick up and knit on the sleeves, instead of knitting them separately and sewing them on. Anyway, I am really happy with how it turned out! I do wish that it was a bit more fitted... especially around the waist. I think if I were to re make this, I would make it a little tighter around the waist. I think because of the fact that it is knitted and long, it really pulls on the piece and gives me more of a rectangular shape. However, I am still really happy with it!

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