Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here is some of the jewelry that I have been making lately. Mostly just assembled pieces with a few fabric/ribbon/yarn elements. I have been really big on asymmetry lately. I have a few more things in mind to make but here is a sampling of what I have so far.

The rose in this necklace was made from a strip of Dupioni Silk that I just wrapped in a spiral and hand sewed into place. I sewed it onto a metal ring so that I would have something to link it to.

This was my grandmother's necklace that I kept with the intention of taking it apart and using the pieces for other things. When I finished knitting my 'sweater' it matched perfectly. So I used a piece of wire to attach that big button for a little added interest.

This comes as a free pattern found here. I added the flower and kept 2 of the tails to tie it onto the necklace with a bow in the back. That way it can be removable depending on what I am wearing :-)

The cord on this one is actually made from a recycled t-shirt. I cut a strip horizontally on the t-shirt about 1.5"-2" in width. Then I pulled on it and it rolled up into this cord. That is one unbroken piece that wrapped around my neck 3 times from 1 t-shirt strip. I had this old silver broach that my uncle gave to me for a birthday present when I was like 14? And so I just pinned it on. Also versatile and changeable :-)

I am working on a few more free knitting patterns!!! :-) I had great overwhelming response to the bib necklace so I am just going to keep 'em coming :-) It might take a while, though... I am completely entranced by Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series. So my time is definitely occupied with that most of the time. But I promise that I will get some of those patterns together!!!

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