Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here I am Baby....

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!!!  They are all cut, glued, tied, signed, stuffed, sealed, stamped, addressed, mailed and most are delivered!  I didn't think that I was going to have time to make my Christmas Cards this year, but after lots of peer pressure, I was forced decided to make them despite the time crunch and I can't believe that I got them done in time!!!!

For those of you that aren't familiar with my neuroses, I develop what I like to refer to as "Holiday Anxiety" if I receive a Christmas/Holiday card in the mail before mine are sent out.  I'm serious, it ruins my whole holiday season!!!   Since Thanksgiving is kind of the "kick-off" of the Christmas season, I have decided (for everyone) that Holiday Cards sent/delivered and received before Thanksgiving are just wrong and hereby off limits and any that are received before Thanksgiving are disqualified from my self proclaimed "Holiday Card race".  I am pretty sure that I am the only one competing but if it provides me with a touch of amusement, then so be it.

This year, I won the race!!!  WOOHOOOOOO   and since everyone (pretty much) has theirs, I am going to share them.  Also, for those of you that don't know me, I make 120 Christmas Cards every year and the list keeps growing (although I kinda trimmed my list this year, sorry if you didn't get one).  Last year I went pretty crazy with them and they took me FOREVER to make, this year they are a bit simpler, but I still love how they turned out.

The complete card:
There is a hang tag/Christmas ornament hanging on the front of the card with the annual Christmas kiddo picture, backgrounds are cut pieces of scrapbook paper:
This year, the ornament has a bonus picture on the back:

The holiday greetings on the inside were the center cut-out portions from the ornament that were stamped and glued onto the inside:
The ornaments are hung on lace weight yarn and attached with a sticker on the inside.  They are made to be removed and hung on the receiver's Christmas tree:
These took up all of my time for 2 weeks, and now I have a bunch of extra time to get some of my Christmas presents made!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!!  Hope you liked them this year!!  Not sure what next years will look like, I imagine I won't know until the last possible moment.  I have a few more things to post soon!  Happy Holidays All!!!!  


Melanie said...

yes we got ours.... and you always put me to shame o' over achiever you! They turned out great :)

Boo Hazard said...