Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
      Are you hiring?  I am not sure what the qualifications are for working at your establishment but I have been making Christmas gifts every Christmas season since, well, before I can remember.  So far this year, I have knitted and crocheted every skein of yarn that I could get my hands on,  I have embroidered anything that would sit still and I have also decoupaged my kids' pictures to every flat surface imaginable.  I know that you are usually not in the greeting card business, but I also make and send 120 Christmas cards every year.  I should also mention that I have an annual date with Target, the day after Christmas, to stock up on half price Christmas decorations.... so you know I am not lacking in Christmas spirit.  I enjoy Christmas cookies and candies way more than I should, I LOVE to make and consume homemade hot cocoa and I am pretty sure that my ears have started to grow points on the top.   I know that you probably get a bazillion applications each year, but please consider me for your 'factory'.  As an added bonus, if you hire me you will gain 2 additional pint size elves that might not be hard working and are a bit unruly but they are very easily trained!  And you will get 1 large elf that can fix anything, including the motor reindeer for that sleigh of yours.  Thanks for considering me and I can't wait for your visit this year!

Thanks a million! ~ Cornflower Blue :-)

So far I am remember to take photos of all of my elfing creations.  Since they are surprises for the recipients, I will post them after the holidays.  Until then, Happy Elfing!!!


Melanie said...

you over achieving types really make me grumpy! LOL just kidding... you are quite an inspiration getting everything done like you do... I just now, moments ago, managed to order my total cop-out photo Christmas card, maybe everyone will get them BEFORE Christmas eve, but thats a just a maybe... *sigh*

Cornflower Blue said...

I make all these things, I didn't say that I get them all done :-) Usually a 'Scarf & MItten' set usually ends up being just a scarf and the '10 embroidered tea towels' usually ends up being just 2 :-) hehehe I try though. Don't feel bad, Melanie... I almost did the photo Christmas card this year :-)