Monday, July 16, 2012

Sewing Kick

I made another shirt last week.  We carry this pattern for the Schoolhouse Tunic at the store and it looked easy, and comfy to wear so I gave it a go.

Years ago I bought a 100% cotton "tapestry" from Urban Outfitters for under $10. It was for a full size bed, so I used that to for this tunic and I have plenty of the fabric leftover for another tunic or 2, or even for another project entirely.  Here is the result.

Sizing for sewing patterns is soooo crazy.  There doesn't ever seem to be a universal system, everyone just kinda makes up their own.  Some pattern companies run small, some run large so I usually check with the pattern recommendations before cutting out a size, which I did with this pattern.  It turned out to be too big (which is better than too small).  I will still wear it, but I definitely want to make another to fit.

We also just received Tula Pink's new line in the store, which I have been drooling over!!!

And we had Kristin Roach, Author of Mend it Better, in the store on Saturday for a book signing.  She was awesome and really fun to talk to...  LOVE her!!!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!

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