Friday, July 27, 2012


A quick hello, a small project and then I'm back to cleaning.  This is the busiest time of the year for us, with 3 birthdays in a 1 week span, it gets a little crazy.  We are hosting a small birthday party for my oldest tomorrow so it has been non-stop cleaning for the past few days.  As I was dusting my living room yesterday, I decided to update my mantle arrangement.  I'm not sure why, but arranging my mantle is very challenging for me.  I either have too much on it or not enough on it and it just turns into a thorn in my side.  Yesterday I kinda just threw this arrangement together and I actually like it.  Here is the result.

I also have a bare wall next to the mantle that at one time has a piece of art on it, but I then moved it to a different location.  I don't mind having the bare wall, except with how the other walls are decorated in the same room, it didn't look balanced.  I had to put something on there that was small and light... if I put something that was dark and heavy, it would have just been too much.  I spent less than $8 on the embroidery hoops and I used some of my favorite fabrics from my stash.  I trimmed off the excess fabric on the back and hot glued the salvage onto the frame.  So far so good.

I have some other projects in the works, but with the craziness of the season and an upcoming trip, it might be a while before I get to them. Until then, Happy crafting!

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