Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Opera Gloves

I don't dress up often.  Weddings are usually the only reason I get dolled up and I attend an average of 1 wedding every 3 years. Last month, my aunt got married!  I had plenty of notice that the wedding was in March and it was in Pennsylvania.  I went to look for a cool weather dress, because I figured with this winter's "Polar Vortex" it would probably be very cold.  I guess there is no such thing as a fashionable formal winter dress because everything I found was sleeveless or strapless.  I ended up with a strapless dress, tights and I decided to knit myself a pair of Opera Gloves!

I had this free pattern for ruffle gloves 'burning a hole in my pocket', so I decided to edit the pattern to make them fit above the elbow.  I held 2 strands together as I knitted, 1 strand of a DK weight silk/wool blend and 1strand of a lace weight yarn that had a bit of glimmer.  (Details can be found here)

Then I picked 3 matching-ish sets of vintage buttons from my enormous collection to add a bit more sparkle to the gloves.  They turned out to be super cute....

 ...and helped accentuate my attitude :-)

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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