Friday, June 29, 2007

Recent Project: Plush-O-Rama

In addition to being a full time mom, starving artist and working part time at an independent arts and crafts store, I watch an 8 year old named Raechel on her breaks from year-round-school.  So... I am always on the lookout for new crafts and projects that she can do while she is here. I was thumbing through the book Plush-O-Rama and I thought that making plush toys with the Raechel would be fun.  So she picked out a few examples from the book and we made those.  The first toy that we made was directly inspired by Rosa Pomar's Bonecos


 The fabrics that Raechel picked were super cute and I think that she really liked the way that her doll turned out. The 2nd doll that we made for Raechel was inspired by Jenny Harada's Double Devil. Raechel picked out a purple peacock fur instead of the red, and it looks great. I will say that I should have cut the "legs" larger because they ended up a bit scrawny. That's o.k. I really liked working with the peacock fur; It was a little slippery but when I made the final seam on the hole for the stuffing, it was completely hidden because of the fur. There are some faux furs that are soo thick that you can see all of the seams and then there are some that are soo thin that you can see the thread This fur was perfect! AND it is really super soft! I can't wait until my son gets older so that we can make some plush toys from his drawings. I think that in the meantime I will just have to make him some out of my drawings :-)


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