Monday, October 29, 2007

Completed Project-Halloween Costume

When I was growing up, my mom made most of my clothes. Not out of necessity, but because she like doing it. Her desire to make my clothing included making my Halloween Costumes. In fact, even when she didn't have the time to make my clothes, she found the time to make my costume. And these costumes weren't the run of the mill hand made costumes... some of them were elaborate works of art that could compete with Hollywood and Walt Disney.
Sooo basically I have HUGE shoes to fill... not because I want to compete but because I would like to carry on the tradition. I also LOVE to sew and like to be able to have the versatility to make my son a costume of anything he wants to be. This year is my 2 year old son's 3rd Halloween and so far he doesn't quite grasp the concept enough to know what he wants to be for Halloween. Sooooo I get to choose :-)

For his first Halloween, I bought a standard McCall's Halloween Pattern and pretty much followed it to a T. I just wanted to judge what my abilities were in the costume making department and figured that the following year I could be more elaborate. So, last year I made an Elvis costume for my then 1 year old son. For those of you that don't know, I am from Las Vegas and I have a large "Shrine" in my house devoted to the King. The neatest part about the costume was that we were in Las Vegas visiting my parents and few back on Halloween last year. Needless to say there were Elvis spottings in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and all over the open skies.

This year I thought that my son would have more of an opinion, but I was wrong... so I picked his favorite toy to play with.... a Staples Easy Button. The irony is that I used to work for a company that is now owned by Staples, so I thought that it was appropriate. I went round and round about how I was going to make the costume and then I started to think, "Is any one going to know what he is supposed to be?" Despite my reservations I did make the costume and the look on his face when I showed him the costume made it all worth it. He couldn't believe that I had this giant Easy Button. So I just tacked on the actual button so that after Halloween, I can take it off so that he can have the button.

This past Friday we took him to a local University for their "trick or treating" function for the kids and he was definitely the talk of the party... and everyone knew what he was!!! The best part is that my son taps his belly (where the button is on his costume) and says, "That was Easy!"

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Samantha said...

I actually took an old M&M costume last year and covered in in duct tape to look JUST like the easy button for Halloween last year. It was exciting :D