Monday, February 25, 2008

Completed Project-Knitted Doll

My cousin just had twin girls last week and in addition to getting them some useful things, I decided to make dolls for the babies. I found the cutest knitted doll in this book:
It kinda reminds me of a doll that I had when I was little, my mom made it and the head of the doll had different faces on each side and it spun around so that you could show different emotions on the same doll. It sounds a bit possessed but it was fun when I was little.
The doll that I made is called the "Upside Down Dolly" and the best part is that it is two dolls in one. The doll is a take on Cinderella, where one side of the doll is Cinderella pre-fairy god mother, and the other side is Cinderella after. One doll is completely done and it turned out GREAT! Mine turned out to be 15" high, which is a bit bigger than the pattern, but I think I like the bigger version better. It was really easy to knit because everything was knitted flat and then you sew up the parts to make it 3-dimensional. I didn't do as much embroidery as in the pattern, but I think that is o.k. too. I also thought that this doll is perfect for twins!!! Now I just have to get the other one done.

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shiloh said...

That is adorable! What a great idea for a baby gift!