Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Stretch

The end is near!!! I have the front panel and the back panel of my Anthro Copy sweater done. I pinned it onto my duct tape dress form to figure out the sleeves. I used scrap fabric to make a pattern piece that will serve as a guide for my knitted sleeves. When I was purchasing the yarn for this sweater, I accidentally bought one skein in bulky weight in exactly the same color. I was going to swap someone for another yarn, but then I thought that I might be able to knit the sleeves out of the bulky weight. Not really sure how it will turn out but it should be interesting. The sleeves are knitted in reverse stocking knit so the difference in texture will be more pronounced with the bulky yarn. The bonus is that they won't take as long to knit :-) I was dreading the sleeves and now that I have figured out the size and shape, the rest is cake. The part that I will enjoy the most is the knitting/crocheting of the trim... I can't wait!!!!

Here is another project that I did almost a year ago and haven't posted. If it isn't obvious, I am a 100% Do-it-yourself-er!!! I love the appreciation that I have for things that I have hand made, re-styled or re-purposed. This project was so far my favorite.... mostly because it didn't cost me a dime.

I have this old set of French Provincial dressers with hutches that I had for my bedroom furniture when I was a kid. I don't throw anything away so they were being used in my "craft room" for storage. My bedroom is painted red and I painted my master bath a teal/turquoise color. I decided to use the left over paint to transform one of the dressers into an over-sized night stand. I didn't take a picture of the before, but here is the sister dresser to give you an idea of what it looked like before:
And here it is the finished piece. I love love love how this turned out!!!! In my craft room, I replaced the dresser with a utility shelving unit and I gained a TON of storage in my bedroom.

Now, I am searching Craigslist high and low for a specific buffet that I plan on re-styling into a TV stand for my basement. Hopefully after that I can get the "Theater" renovations that I started 2 years ago finally done!


kclili said...

Love that blue and that sweater is going to rock!

Bee said...

this dresser is great! very cute :)