Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bargain Hunter-Eeeeevillllll

As many of you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Target.  LOVE Target because I get so many good deals in there, it is a 1 stop shop, I love their stuff and it is pretty much perfect...  HATE Target because I spend WAY too much money in there.  My friend, Jenny, and I agree that Target is eeeeeeevil and most certainly is the Debil (a la Waterboy).  So here is just one of many examples of how Target is my loving nemesis!!!

Exhibit A: Today's outfit:
Starting from the top, we have the flower hair clip.  This was actually free because I crocheted it myself using scrap yarn and used an old hair clip to secure.

Next we go to the cat eye sunglasses, Twilight inspired:

Purchased at Target for $14.99.    This was full price, but I bought these right after I got my first pair of contacts so it was a little splurge to celebrate.

The large hoop earrings, purchased at Target a few years ago for $1.50! Now onto the scarf:
I bought this two-toned 100% silk scarf from Target last week on clearance for $5.  $5 is great for a scarf, but it is AMAZING for one that is 100% silk!!!  And the Tank:
This tank top is regularly priced at $14.99 and I bought it for what??  $3.74!!!  That's right!!!  Keep an eye on those 75% off racks which is where I also found this pair of skinny jeans:
Not the greatest picture, but they are jeans...  not much to see there. The skinny jeans are regularly priced at $19.99 (which by the way is my limit for jeans, so even at full price... they are definitely in my budget).  However, I payed $4.98!!!  EVEN BETTER!

I am sure that my shoes could be much more fashion forward but I wear exclusively flip flops in the summer and these I happen to pick up at Old Navy for their full price at $2.50.  

I should make a small disclaimer that the purse is Namaste and I normally use as my knitting bag, but I just so happen to be using it this week as my purse and it just so happens to completely match my outfit. Gotta love that! Those of you in the KC area can find your Namaste vegan bags at Urban Arts + Crafts, the one that I am carrying is the Zuma in lime.   

So lets total this up:

$14.99 - sunglasses
$1.50 - earrings
$5.00 - scarf
$3.74 - tank
$4.98 - skinny jeans
$2.50 - flip flops
leaving out the coincidental purse
$ 32.71

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but when you find clothing items for under $5, it is very hard to say no.  So after running to Target for a $2 prescription, I walk out of there paying a minimum of $50 for a bunch of clearance stuff.  And this happens....  every......  time!!!!  Hence my problem  :-)  

But a friendly tip, in case you want Target to be your nemesis too...  Find an old Target... one that has been there a LONG time.  That way their overhead isn't as high and they are able to discount their clearance and sales more than in a newer store.  (one example: I saw a belt last year that was on sale at a new Target  for dollars more than at the older Target....  same belt, "same" sale!)    Also, the newer stores in newer shopping centers now have an additional tax for "building development"!!!  NO JOKE!  We have several brand new "centers" close to my house (one is a large outdoor mall) and there is up to an additional 7% tax added on to each sale to help maintain the "center". (not sure how that is legal....)  Stick with those older stores... they might smell a little and may not be kept as clean but they are better on prices and sometimes are used as undisclosed clearance centers.

So happy shopping and have a fun time finding your new nemesis!!!

PS: for those of you with kiddos that constantly watch cartoons like me, you will appreciate that I now have the "nemesis" song from Phineas & Ferb in my head...  "My nema nema, oooh my nema nema nema..."  For those of you who have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about, click here and find out!!


Jenny said...

I've been to Target 3 times this week.

Cornflower Blue said...

haha.. yeah, me too!!! :-) We should start a support group!