Monday, August 1, 2011


I have been crocheting pretty much my entire life.  My mom crochets, my aunt crochets, my grandma crochets...  there was no way I could get out of it :-)   So I am constantly crocheting things and I saw a necklace a few years ago that provided me with inspiration to make this necklace:
Which then led me to my crocheted necklace tutorial:
And ever since these necklaces, I have had this subconscious goal to embellish and accessorize everything with these little crocheted pinwheels.  And for those of you who don't crochet, these pinwheels are pretty much the first several foundation rows to pretty much all crochet in the round projects.

So this Saturday I had to work at the shop and teach a class and this was my chosen outfit:
I wore my new dress that I found on the clearance rack at eeeeevil Target for under $20.  It is several shades of blue, gray and white.  I chose my old owl silver colored necklace to "dress down" my look because if I wore jewelry that was in any way fancy, I looked like I was going to a wedding :-).   So the shoes became the dilemma.  Like I have said before, I only wear flip flops in the summer...  I have these silver high heel flip flops:
But again, too dressy, and much too uncomfortable to be standing on all day!  The only other option was my $2.50 black Old Navy flip flops which kinda seemed a little too "dressed down" to be wearing with a dress.  So I headed down to my own personal yarn shop (my basement) and picked out 2 different gray yarns and spent 20 minutes crocheting pinwheels that I tied onto the top of my flip flops.  Now, in the past decade, there have been some pretty crazy and downright cheesy (completely my opinion) trends for crafty ways to embellish flip flops.  My main goals were to embellish mine so that they didn't reflect any of these trends, so that they matched my outfit and so that my embellishments were completely removable so that I don't have to break the bank and buy another pair of black Old Navy flip flops for a whopping $2.50!!!  I feel like my goals were met, but you be the judge:

PS: Yes, the second toe on both of my feet are completely crooked and I know that for some people, they may be hard to look at.  I feel that they give my feet character and I am so glad I have them!!!  They also remind me of my grandma, because she had the exact same toes.   :-)  Don't lie...  you know you are jealous  :-)  hehe


theolivetree said...

Cute idea for flip flops! Love the necklace:)

Casey said...

I Have that crooked toe too!!! On both feet!!!! And have the same affectionate feelings toward them :)