Thursday, July 28, 2011


I haven't been very productive this summer....  the heat and humidity wipe me out!!  Not to mention, we have been in and out of town all summer.  So I really haven't had much time to get into anything crafty.  I have been trying to get some little things done and now that we are in town for a while I might be able to get into something a little more "meaty".

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to get more organized.  I am a pretty organized person, by nature, but I find that I don't usually have the time to organize.  One of my previous posts was about the linen zipper pouches that I made to store charging cables:

This has been SUPER helpful since I made them....  even my husband likes knowing where to find them all.  However, I had to take it a step further since sometimes the cables get left out of the linen bags.  So I decided to make "tags" for each of the cables.  Something that tells me quickly, what the cables are used for.  Without it, I usually sit there for 20 minutes thinking, "hmmm, I don't remember owning anything made by Sony...."   :-)  

I started by embroidering the name of electronic device along with who it belongs to on a piece of linen.  After I embroidered 12 of them on the same piece of linen, I took a piece of scrap fabric and placed it right side out on the back (for a more polished/lined look).  Then, using a thread that matched the linen and a satin stitch, I machine sewed around the words in the size rectangle that I wanted the tag to be.  I cut each of them out very close to the outside of the satin stitch, folded them over the cable and hand embroidered a running stitch along the inside of the satin stitch.  The linen is going to fray a bit, but the satin stitch will contain it and keep it from unraveling.  I love how these are turning out!!  I like how patchy/taggy these look and how practical they are and how they match their coordinating pouches!

I am still compiling pics for my close up kitchen tour and hopefully I will be making some crafty things to share soon!!!

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