Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Boom

Another baby, another Nappy Bag.  This is one of my favorite go-to gifts for new or expecting moms.  Sometimes I knit hats and booties, but if I actually have the time to sit down and make something, these nappy bags tend to be a little more "instant gratification".  I have made many including this one, this one and of course mine.  The pattern is actually called "Nappy bag" and it is made by Amy Butler.  I have made some minor alterations for aesthetics and function so the ones that I make are a bit different than the pattern...  but the pattern is a good one and pretty easy to make.  I highly recommend it!

The pattern also comes with instructions to make a changing pad and the cover for the changing pad.  The intention is that the changing pad is rolled up and fits into a "yoga mat style bag" for transportation.  This was the first time that I made the changing pad and I thought that rolling it and putting it into a bag was a little much to be carrying around in the diaper bag.  So, I skipped the bag, took a bunch of liberties with the changing pad and decided that a folded version was a little less bulky. Basically I just used the size as a reference and made up the rest.

The best (or worst) part about the nappy bag pattern is that there is a ton of extra fabric left over.  So I used some of the scraps to patchwork the "pretty side" of the changing pad.  I used a solid colored flannel for the "functional side".  Despite having made a quilt before, I have never machine quilted anything.  I thought that this would be a good opportunity to test out those skills since this was such a small piece.  I quilted this one in the traditional diagonal pattern.  It turned out kind of "Vera Bradley", which (no offense to her or her admirers) I am not really a fan of.  But it was o.k.  I think I might do it differently in the future but I love how this one tuned out.  I picked a coordinating fabric for the binding and made my own "bias" tape.  I didn't actually cut it on the bias because I didn't like the lay out of the fabric pattern on the diagonal.  I used natural cotton batting for the inside so the entire changing pad is 100% cotton which means that it is 100% washable!!

Since I had extra fabric, I also made a diaper pouch.  I saw this free pattern on line and thought I would whip it out.

I used left over cotton batting for the inside and leftover fabric + linen that I had.  I liked how it turned out....  I think I would make some simple alterations for the next time to make construction a little easier. (I didn't iron it after I made it, so pardon the wrinkles)....   it also tuned out to be deep enough to also house a small disposable container of wipes, which I added after the pictures were taken

And last but not least here is the actual bag.  Can you tell that the baby is a girl?  Even when I am making these for the ladies that are having boys, I always make them with a feminine touch because I think that these make great purses even after the kiddos are potty trained.  The exterior fabric [Summer Totem AH37 in Grapefruit from the Loulouthi collection] and changing pad binding fabric [Hugs and Kisses AH45 in Candy from the Loulouthi collection] are Anna Maria Horner and the interior fabric is Art Gallery [Cherry Lace from the Bohemian Soul collection].  All of these fabrics were purchased at Urban Arts + Crafts in KC.

***Side Note:  I am a super over achiever and I have started embroidering care tags for the inside of these bags.  The first one I embroidered was for this bag and I just hand wrote out the instructions on a piece of linen and embroidered on top.  This time, I wanted to be a little more uniform so I though, 'why not stamp it first'?  I figured it was pretty much similar to an iron on embroidery pattern, but I have more control...  I used Tim Holtz's Distress ink, which I had.  These inks are semi transparent so if you end up seeing any of the stamp, it won't be that noticeable.  It turned out great and this has opened up a whole new world for "embroidery patterns".

That's it for now...  up next is a free crochet pattern!!


theolivetree said...

how great are these?!! I need one : )

Erin Myone said...

Wowwee! You have been busy. Great fabric combos, and nice alterations to the original patterns.