Monday, February 13, 2012

Bargain Hunter

Do you know how expensive dishes are?  They can get pretty insane and that is just for everyday dishes!  Don't even start looking in the fine china department...  because it is entirely possible that just 1 plate can break the entire bank.

2 weeks after having my 1st child, my mom came to visit and as a "thanks-for-providing-me-with-a-grandchild" and a late "housewarming" present, she bought us some dishes.  Of course at the time, I had baby on the brain and have absolutely no care in the world what my dishes looked like so I let her pick them out.  She didn't do a bad job, tried to go neutral... but they sort of took on a "Tuscan" feel, which isn't really my style.  BUT they are dishes, and functional and so I was just planning on just sticking with it until they became so grungy that I would have no other choice by to replace them. 6.5 years later, most are chipped but grungy still hasn't happened yet.

Last week, however, I was in Eeeeeevil Target, scavenging the clearance end caps when an angelic light suddenly came down from the sky and highlighted one particular end cap that was in my direct line of vision.  I heard a slight "twinkling" sound (much like the sound of Tinkerbell's pixy dust) until I saw them......  the minute I saw the 2 sets of dinner wear in my signature color for a rock bottom price, that twinkling sound turned immediately into an entire church choir singing Hallelujah....  and I am not even religious!!!!   :-)   

That's right, momma's got new dishes.  I collect vintage Pyrex, and alike, in a variety of teal/turquoise/pool colors and these new Target dishes match perfectly.  These sets came in 4s, so in one box I got 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls and 4 coffee mugs.  So I bought the only 2 they had and I as rummaged through the rest of the clearance I found 4 "extra sets", 2 of those contained 2 bowls each and the other 2 contained 4 salad plates each.  You want to know what my grand total was for these 44 dishes????   Well, let me first tell you that if I bought them at full price I would have spent $78, I paid... $23.28!!!!!  

Happy bargain hunting....  I think I am off to Sears to buy some scarves (thanks Boo!).


Melanie said...

those are so pretty! You scored big for sure, a couple of years ago I went with Corelle dishes...they are pretty indestructible and they were made in the USA which I like.... but they are not nearly as pretty as yours!

Boo Hazard said...

that's an insanely great deal!! beautiful dishes!! @Melanie - I'm about to buy some Corelle for my furnished rental - u like them? I figure that's the logical purchase when dealing with strangers?? Just plain white.

oh and Coco - keep me posted on the scarves!! they are "tactical scarves" if u wanted to search for other ones!! -Boo