Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately.  I'm now on a knitting kick, which is typical winter business for me but not when it is in the 60s outside!  I like to huddle in the house and knit on a snow day but this year we haven't had much of that , so Spring cleaning keeps getting in the way.  :-)

Here is something that I am working on, not quite done yet but I will post more info when it is completed.

Here is a pile of "yarned" goods that I will also post in the near future, a few are done a few aren't yet started.

I was off on Sunday so we toured the city a bit, here are some images of the adventure.

I still have a few more Christmas things to post... most of which I made.  I thought that it might be nice to share one of the gifts that I received.  This one is from the hubbs and I was instantly smitten with it the moment I saw it.  

This is a Predicta TV from the 1950s and believe it or not, it actually works and was previously converted with a cable hook-up.  I planned on just using it as decoration but I might even use it one day.  Currently it is sitting on my night stand looking amazing in my room, however some day I will have a bigger home and have a designated spot to use it in.  

Here is another (my latest) acquisition.  My espresso maker broke and at first I was having some serious withdrawals but now I think I might be enjoying my coffee even more with this guy:

I have some ideas for upcoming projects, I just need sometime to work them out.... hopefully we will get snowed in one of these weekdays.  The odds, though, are not looking good!

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