Monday, February 27, 2012

Everyone else is doing it.....

If you are on Pinterest, then you've seen this....

.....with a description of how to make your own (not that you need it).  I love the herringbone and I have old canvases with random things painted on them that I am not using and would like to over paint and I thought, "Why not." So, I dug out my acrylic paints

My trusty sidekick (looks as though I might have to spring for a new one)

And an old painting (I am using the term 'painting' here, very loosely) and got started.

I had a place for this painting picked out in my mind so my plan was to mix the chosen colors and just randomly slap the colors over the previous painting.  I can't even start without one of these (if you look back through all of my old sketch books you are bound to find at least one in each)

And it doesn't take much to make one, I used these (which you have on hand if you have kiddos).

Then I got started.  I mixed my colors and applied them with my pallet knife.
Because I was using heavy bodied acrylics and gel medium, I was able to leave it to dry only a few hours before I applied the painter's tape.

Then it was time for the white paint.
And finally, for the reveal.

I love it!  It tuned out very "Urban Outfitters", which I like.  The best part for me is that it only cost me the price of the painter's tape (and that was just because I was out). I also like how this only took an evening to make.  For under $5, I think this guy is a winner!!!!  


Melanie said...

love it... very well done!

Jenny said...

Ooh, I need to do this. Looks good.