Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Week

Last week was Spring Break for my oldest and it has been gorgeous here:

So the hubs took the week off and we have been busy!! Here are the Instagram highlights.

We've been dog sitting:

We My Hubbs gained a 'family member':

We worked in the Garden:

Although, it is still a work in progress:

We tried a new restaurant:

The weather was sooo nice, that we had a cook-out:

I developed a recipe for Coffee Mocha Cupcakes:

The pictures from here on are from the weekend trip we made to my in-law's in Springfield (which we make often).  

The best place to get Jalapeno pickled eggs and an array of odd bulk items, at an Amish store:

 If you have never been, then you NEED to go to what my kids call the "throw the roll place":

 Hot, freshly baked roll, just tossed and drenched in Sorghum:

 View from the in-laws':

Crossed a few of these:

 Had some chocolate from this place:

 Storm Trooper just hanging out on the corner (on St. Patty's Day):

Made my way here (because I am totally obsessed with this lady's blog) although, strangely, I didn't buy anything:

But I did manage to "thrift" a few things from their neighbor.  I can't wait to thumb through this guy:

 And I love this plastic bangle:

This is a must when we are going to Springfield, the very home of the best cashew chicken in the country (although I mostly order the sweet&sour shrimp):

You can't go to Springfield without going to the Bass Pro HQ (which my youngest calls the 'Hambilly Fishing Store' as in Hillbilly Hand Fishing)

And after a long weekend in Springfield and a lengthy drive home, I still managed to squeeze in some craft time:

Can't wait to post some home made goodies soon!

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