Wednesday, June 13, 2012


When it comes to make-up, I am super picky.  I know what I like, I know what I want and I get pretty irritated when I can't find it.  Recently I have been on a hunt to find a super matte/flat black liquid eyeliner like this one.

I have been wearing liquid eyeliner for over a decade and I never get tired of it.  I have some pretty major issues with pencil liner and every time I try it out again I immediately wonder "what the heck was I thinking?" and go back to the liquid.  I have recently tried out gel eyeliner and although it would do, it still isn't my liquid.  Years ago I found a liquid liner that I liked: L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Liner.  It has a brush applicator, which is a must for me, and the opening into the container is small so it doesn't dry out quickly and lasts a long time.  The only complaint that I can make is that once it is applied and dry, it still has a bit of a sheen.  

So yesterday I took a trip to Ulta and then Sephora to test out the liquid liners to find one that had no sheen at all.  I was looking in the designer make-up, I don't mind wearing "drug store brands" but unfortunately, they don't offer those in testers, and in the end I will actually be saving money since I don't have to buy a bunch to find out which one I am going to like.  So in case any of you are on a hunt similar to mine, here is my research:

1. Kat Von D- Autograph Eyeliner. $16.  This one was a bit goopy, not sure if that was due to the age of the sample or what, but it would be hard to get a fine line with this guy.  It was completely Matte, though.  Also, if I remember correctly, this was a brush tip, but had a thicker brush than most, which also makes a thick line.

2. Sephora Collection- Long-Lasting Eye Liner $11.  This one was also super Matte. Although I was only shopping for black, this liner came in 13 different colors.  The best part about the black was that it was offered with a felt tipped wand or a "precision tip", which is a thin brush wand.

3. Make Up For Ever- Aqua Liner $23. This one wasn't matte at all but is waterproof (which isn't a quality that want).  Also this had a felt tip applicator and that is an immediate no for me. I will say that when I washed my hand, this one was the last to wash off, and that might be positive for someone... Also comes in 15 colors.

4. Hello Kitty- Pen Pal Eyeliner $16. Yes, Sephora now carries a Hello Kitty line of makeup!!  Since I was there, thought I would give it a whirl just in case.  However, This one was almost sheer, came in only 4 colors and was (like the name indicates) a pen style applicator.  These are my least favorite because a. they have a felt tip and b. they dry out SUPER quick!!  I guess if I had a tween daughter and she wanted to experiment with liquid eyeliner, this would probably be in the running.

5. Smashbox- Limitless Liquid Liner Pen $22.  Let me first just say that I think Smashbox is a little over priced.  I have a thing for lipgloss and theirs is consistently over $20, so I tend to steer clear but for liner, it was worth a shot.  This guy is offered in only 2 colors, brown and black, is a pen applicator with a felt tip and it you look at the pic above, has a sheen.  However, it is waterproof.

6. Urban Decay- 27/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $19.  I had high hopes for this guy...  Urban Decay seems to be my go-to brand when it comes to designer makeup but they let me down this time.  It was a great applicator, went on smoothly but has a sheen.  Also comes in 11 colors.

7. Tarte MultipleEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner $22.  This is more of a performance liner, with nourishing extracts, but was worth a try.  It has more of a brush tip but comes in a pen applicator.  Only comes in black, but is described as long-wearing.

8. Pop Beauty- My One Liner $18. This was a pleasant surprise.  It went on smoothly and was completely Matte.  With a brush tip applicator, this one was perfect. It only comes in black, but that's the color I want.

9. Pop- Ink Outliner $18. I tried this one only out of curiosity. This has a huge felt tip and is a pen applicator.  It is sheer and you have no chance of a thin line with this guy. Only sold in black...  might be fun to experiment with but you can get a thick line with any of the other.

The verdict: It was between #2, the Sephora Brand and #8, Pop's My One Liner.  I ended up going with the Sephora brand because of price.  When I run out of that, I might try the Pop Brand....  although more expensive, Ulta offers coupons on a regular basis.... so it would be worth a try.  Today is the 1st day using the new liner and so far so good... it is completely Matte!!  My one complaint is more for the saleswoman than it is the product.  I specifically wanted the Precision Brush and not the felt tip and she ended up giving me the felt tip.  But I will still use it and next time I will just look a little closer! The result:

Sidenote: While looking at the L'Oreal website while writing this post, I noticed that they have a version of the L'Oreal eyeliner that I was using in "Carbon Black" that sounds Matte...  and might be worth a try!

Hope this helps some of you out there!  Happy face painting!


Melanie said...

I am sure everyone wishes i would get a clue about make up lol, I rarely if ever wear any and I NEVER put anything near my eyes since they tend to be watery at the slightest provocation... I always admire people who know what they need... CLUELESS in my middle name

Angela said...

I've been looking for the exact same thing! Thank you for the review! It's really great to see multiple liquid eyeliner strokes side by side. It's more trustworthy to hear about it from another person rather than a photoshopped ad. I think I'll try out the last two that you mentioned, but I'd also love to find out what was used in the first photo you posted - something tells me it's high end and pricy.