Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Summer Top

Sunday, I had an idea for a new summer top.  The original idea, I remember from thumbing through this this book a few years ago.

And more specifically, this project.

I'm not really crazy about the granny squares crocheted into the top of this shirt so I decided to kinda make up my own.  It honestly started with the fabric...  I bought the Anna Maria Horner, Little Folks Voile 2 years ago, with the hopes to turn the less-than-a-yard that I bought, into a skirt.  

Right after I bought it, I make one french seam to turn the yardage into a tube and then I got distracted and the skirt ended there.  Voile is a lightweight mercerized cotton and it flows beautifully and I knew that it would be perfect for this project and I just so happened to have the perfect yarn, which I bought on sale at Tuesday Morning wile visiting the in-laws a while back.
It took 2 balls of this yarn for the top, mostly because of trial and error, otherwise I probably could have made it with just 1.  I gathered the top of the Voile tube, I made my own biased tape to enclose the gather, I attached the crocheted section to the fabric, then made a channel at the bottom which I enclosed a crocheted "ribbon" to gather the bottom and add a bit of detail.  I LOVE how it turned out.  I also learned a lot in the process.  Here is the result :-)




I had to add in a little something extra, but serves a huge purpose....

This is to remind which side is the back, just in case I forget what side the bottom tie goes on :-) I have an upcoming project in the works for this fabric, so hopefully I can share that soon.  

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!


Erin Myone said...

Nice work! Love the finished top!

FreshSunshine said...

OMG that turned out amazing. It looks like something that you would buy in a store (and i mean that in the good way!) ;-)

Melanie said...

super cute top... I so wish I didn't look stricken with the flu when I wear yellow because its such a happy color!

Boo Hazard said...

Such a cute top! you need to make more! -boo

Robin said...

The shirt is super cute, Cort! Good work!