Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Jessica Scarflet!!!!

'Tis the season for a free pattern!!!  I can't take credit for this one, my girl, Jessica made this and I became completely obsessed with it last year and made one for pretty much everyone on my list.  She posted a free pattern here or you can just use this one that I adapted.

The Jessica Scarfflette
Hook Size G, 2 skeins Manos Silk Blend
Ch 31. 
Row 1: 2 DC in the 4th Ch from hook. Skip 2 Ch, SC in the next Ch. *Skip 2 Ch, 5 DC in next Ch* repeat from * 3 times. Skip 2, Sc in last chain. Turn.
Row 2: Ch 3, 2 DC in same Sc from previous row. *SC into the 3rd DC from previous row, 5 DC in the next SC in the previous row.* repeat from * 3 times. SC in the top of the Ch 3 from previous round. Turn.
Repeat Row 2 until piece measures aprx. 28”. On last row, do not end yarn, continue scallop pattern around the other 3 sides of scarf. Sew on 5 buttons, vertically, along the bottom right side of the scarf. Buttons will fit through holes created by crochet stitch.

Here is a recent one that I made with a different yarn.  This is made with Monsoon, which is a chunkier yarn, so I used a K hook with this guy.  Below I have a comparison between the Monsoon version and the Manos version.

Hope you like this pattern.  I also have another free crochet pattern coming soon! Until then, Happy Yarning!

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