Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Last year I finally purchased a DSLR camera.  Previously, I had been dying to get one.  I took most of my digital pictures with a small Sony point and shoot and it served its purpose.  One of the few classes that I managed to retain most of the info from in college, was my basic Photo 101 class.  Things like lighting and composition really helped make my point and shoot create some decent pictures.  However, I wanted more...  especially of my kids.  The worst part was that there are soooo many buttons and functions and digital thingies on this darn DSLR that I have had no idea of how to work it. I looked up a few online tutorials and they helped some....  but I knew that I still wasn't getting the most out of my camera out of sheer operator ignorance.

So recently my friend, 'Jen-ay', told me that her favorite photographer was going to start offering workshops on how to teach moms how to take better pics of their kids and how to use their DSLR.  Whaaaa????  Sign me up!  So a few weekends ago Jenny and I took the class/workshop and it was PERFECT! Adrienne Maples and Rob James did an amazing job teaching about composition, lighting and most important to me.... how to use my DSLR camera!  So my pics are going to start getting much better!

I am super grateful for the class and I have been sooo excited about using my camera ever since!  If you live in the Kansas City area and want some assistance on how to take better pics....  I HIGHLY recommend taking the "Camera How?!" workshop!  They already have a sign up for March. Check them out at Adrienne Maples Photo Studios in Overland Park, KS!  Click here to go to her website.  Click here to go to her blog. And Click here to learn more about their workshop!

Until next time, Happy 'Shooting'!


Melanie said...

im curious, did they recommend any particular lenses? I liked one of the basic courses I took early on, but do wish I could take a more advanced one. cant wait to see your pics :)

Adrienne Maples said...

Thanks for the write up Courtney! We are so glad we were able to clarify a few things for you. We're here any time you need us!