Monday, April 2, 2007

The first of many

O.k. here it is. I am finally starting an art blog. Hopefully this is the first step to my obnoxiously lucrative art career. :) I also hope that this blog will encourage me to be more enthusiastic about my art. I haven't exactly been very inspired to create much art in the last 4 years (since I have been out of college). Maybe it isn't that I haven't been inspired but more that I haven't really had much time. The first 2 of those years I worked full time and the last 2 I have "worked" what seems like 4 full time jobs being a mom. I have recently picked up a part-time job on the weekends which so-far has provided me with a lot of inspiration but has taken away more of my non-existent free time. My New Years resolution, that I am just now making in April, is to create more art. The problem is that I seem to have ADD when it comes to my artwork. I am so much more interested in the technique and the process, that I seem to have little focus and drive to any one particular medium or style. Hence I named this blog the ADD Art Movement because who is to say that I have to conform to a specific style, authentic or not. Or that all of my artwork has to be created with the same medium? I don't want to just think inside the box and I don't want to just think outside the box. I want to think inside, outside, all around and far away from the box. And I want to be recognized as more than a remedial artist. I am aware that my lack of focus is one of my downfalls but instead of being inhibited by it I am going to embrace it.

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