Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Work in Progress-Uncle's Portrait


I am currently working on a portrait for my uncle. I have been working on this painting for 7 months or so and I am having some trouble staying focused. It is almost completed and I would really like to send it to him, but I am unable to come up with something to fill the void in the center-right of the painting. I think that the problem is that I am trying to find a subject that has been a constant in his entire life and I don't know my uncle as well as I would like. Until something surfaces or I just end up calling him, this painting is going to stay the way that it is. The painting is 12" x 16" and it is acrylic on canvas. That is pretty small for me. But I have recently developed this "small painting initiative". My studio is a small spare bedroom in my house and because of the limited space and that I am unable to use caustic materials, I have decided to dabble on the smaller side. I have even started panting in water colors.

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Jus said...

I really like this piece that you are doing for your uncle. It is hard doing a piece for someone else completely. I think you should remember that even though you want it to reflect your uncle, that this is really YOUR piece and the reason you might not know what to fill in the void with is because you aren't thinking of it that way.
Let go of trying to make it all about him, and it will come to you. :)