Monday, April 2, 2007

Past Work-Stevie


My standard wedding gift is a painting. I like giving my artwork because I think it is a bit more personal then a china set and whole lot more inexpensive!! I enjoy painting them because it can be a bit of a challenge and it is also nice to have someone to be inspired by. And believe it or not, I also like having a specific deadline. I am a huge procrastinator and this way I have something to guide my focus and fuel my drive. This is a painting that I did for my friend Jenny in 2004. This was her wedding present and it is a painting of her dog, Stevie. I call this my "screen print simulation". It is acrylic on canvas that I painted to resemble one of Andy Warhol's famous screen prints. I saw a picture in a magazine that was of Reese Witherspoon's home office. She had similar images of her dogs on the wall, which I am sure were actual screen prints or they could have been computer generated. This was my direct inspiration and I knew that it would be a perfect way to display Jenny's little "queen," Stevie.

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Jus said...

yay! I love it! Who knew? dogs=popart!