Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Completed Project-Frechy Bag

I finally completed my Frenchy Bag. It looks great and was super easy to sew. The sewing took me about 2 hours and I am really happy with the outcome. Now my sis-in-law, Sally, can stop making fun of my gynormous purses! YAY. Unfortunately this will be the last project for a while! I am moving my craft area from one room to another and that will take me a few weeks to accomplish. I just painted an old desk that I use as a sewing table and once that is done I will be starting to move my stuff. Hopefully it won't take me as long as expected because I have start making my son's Halloween costume, which I think is going to be an easy button this year.... long story. I am also going to have to start on Christmas presents sometime soon. I am not sure at this point what I am going to make this year for everyone, but I am going to have to decide soon cause Christmas is quickly approaching.


*jw* said...

Your bag looks great! I can't wait to come take the class on the 29th.

Your blog looks great too! I see that you put a link to KC ATC. THANKS!

You gotta get on Flickr!!!

H. Buchholz said...

Hi Cortney,
(to reintroduce myself) We met at an UA&C ATC trade night...just wanted to pass on some info about an art contest, if you are interested. I am ineliglble as my husband works for them but, check it out or pass the info on to your artist friends at the store and such! It's a pretty serious first prize!
Hope all is well! http://kccrossroads.org/harrahs/index.html