Friday, September 28, 2007


When I went back to Pennsylvania to help my dad with my Grandmother's estate in 2005, I dug up some of her outdoor plants and replanted them in my yard here in KC. I took some of her rhubarb that she had for years and I also took a few sedum plants, which she called Live for Evers. This was the first year that I was able to use the rhubarb because I wanted to let the plant get well established before I stared using it. This summer I was able to cut a few of the ribs and made strawberry-rhubarb sauce for french toast that was excellent! You'll just have to take my word for it because the rhubarb is not too photogenic. BUT the Live for Evers finally bloomed this past week or so and they were gorgeous!!! Every year I like to take pictures of the flowers, I think they are super pretty and I also like that they remind me of my Grandma! Enjoy!

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paula clare said...

Hi! The pictures of the flowers are AMAZING? Is "Live For Ever" their "technical name?" Do they have a scent? I've never seen such things before...and I live in the midwest too!

I love the concept of your ADD art...I have a friend who is constantly battling guilt because her art projects are never finished...she too is a bit "focus challenged!" But for HER, the therapeutic process is more in STARTING something than finishing it.

Anyway, glad I stumbled on to your site! You can check mine out (which probably looks like an exercise in lack-of-focus!) at