Friday, September 21, 2007

Completed Project-Good Luck Owl

I saw recently on the show, Uncommon Threads (on the DIY Network )instructions for a "Good Luck Doll" and I instantly LOVED the concept. I thought that would be a great housewarming gift.... something that had a great thought behind it and that the person could use as a decoration in their house. I wanted to make this as an additional gift for Emily's housewarming party but I thought that the doll was a bit plain and I didn't think that her boyfriend would be too excited about putting a doll on their couch. Sooo I stored the idea in the back of my head just in case I had an opportunity to make it for someone else. Then when I was researching the knitted back pack that I wanted to make for my son, I came across a stuffed owl at It looked more like a throw pillow than a children's toy.... And then it hit me!!! What about a "Good Luck Owl"?? It wasn't super feminine and it looked like a pillow so I decided to completely "rip off" the Owl design and make one that looked almost exactly like it. I know... I know... doesn't take a lot of creativity, but keep in mind that I decided to make this yesterday, got it done today because tomorrow is the housewarming party. The result is the picture below. I have noticed that the shape of mine is a bit more exaggerated and I made it pretty large. It ended up being 22" tall and 12" wide. I embroidered the face and the feathers on the body are done with fabric paint. I think that it turned out alright but next time I might adjust the pattern and make it a little more "my own".

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Emily said...

We both love the owl and the painting! So glad you and your hubby and son could come to the party Saturday. We'll catch up more, soon. Thanks, again!