Thursday, September 20, 2007

Completed Projects-Knitting

I would consider myself a beginner-intermediate knitter. I am a self taught knitter and was a very basic beginner when I started working at UA+C. Since I am surrounded by advanced knitters and we are permitted to knit when we are at work, I am always inspired to knit more advanced projects. I have been pretty impressed by my knitting accomplishments and recently I decided to take a "stab" at circular needles. I knitted a stocking cap for my 2 yr old son and I think it turned out great. I used Lan'g Yarns' Mille Colori in the color 077 and I followed Ann Norling's Head Hugger Pattern. This is how it turned out:

I was also recently challenged to make my own knitting pattern for a pair of fingerless gloves. UA+C generally has free patterns that they give away when you buy 2 balls of one particular yarn. The Free patterns are generally ones that the staff has created, and since I had just made a pair of the Louisa Harding fingerless gloves, I thought figured that I could come up with a pattern for something similar and much much easier. Here is the result. I used On Line Linie 210 Padua and of course, my pattern :-) Here is one of the gloves:

My next project: When I was in Springfield earlier this month I stumbled across a store that looks like I merchandised!!! They had the cutest things and I would have bought one of everything if I could. One of the things that I thought was SOOOOO cute were these knitted kid's backpacks. I have been looking for a cute little backpack for my son and this fit the ticket. I checked out the price, and although it was very reasonable, I decided for the same price, I could make one myself. I also think that it will be a fun challenge to create the initial pattern. I have tons of yarn and I could use any of those, but I might buy something special for this project.

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