Saturday, January 5, 2008

Completed Project: Sally's Scrapbook

Like a good Sister-in-Law, I took Sally out for her 21st birthday. We were originally planning a trip out to Las Vegas (my home town) for the event, but there was a shortage of funds. Although we weren't able to go out to LV, we still went out for a night on the town and I took LOTS of pictures so that I could fill up what was supposed to be the Las Vegas scrapbook... I figure no matter what she should still have a book with all of her 21st birthday pics! I worked really hard within a limited amount of time, and I got it done just in time for Christmas.

I bought a kit for a 12"x12" scrapbook almost a year ago with this scrapbook in mind. It had a Valentine's Day theme so everything was black white and red, which is soooo Sally. I started by using just the stuff that was included in the kit and half way through the scrapbook I started to get bored!!!! They say that poverty encourages ingenuity but in this case it was definitely boredom. I started making my own photo corners, paper, embellishments and much more!! I really like how the book came together as a whole but I am more proud of the 2nd half! I also found out that my favorite tool to use when scrapbooking is puffy paint!!!! Here are some of the layouts:

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