Thursday, January 31, 2008

Current Project-Painting

I was encouraged today to paint more, so I decided to complete my Sister-in-law's painting that I started months ago. My objective behind the painting was to give her something colorful to hang behind her couch. She has decorated her apartment with very colorful accessories and I thought that a really large, colorful painting would bring everything together. The painting was supposed to be a surprise but then I got stuck, so I decided to show her the painting and see if she could direct me into any sort of direction. And that she did... Sally is really into vintage pinups, infact her next tattoo is most likely going to be a large pinup. Since the painting has taken on a "tattoo" like quality, I thought that a pinup would look great! I was trying to get it done for Christmas present, and I was SOOOO busy before Christmas that I just didn't have the time. Actually, I don't really have the time now either, but I am super motivated so I am just going to have to make the time! Here are a few pictures of my progress (not much right now but I am pretty confident that I will get this painting done soon). I am also thinking about making prints of several of my paintings and selling them on Etsy!

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