Thursday, January 26, 2012

Food Swing swing

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This is me.  I don't like getting into the rut of eating the same thing over and over again. You know that rut that we all get into at times when Monday turns into Meatloaf night and Tuesday into Pasta night (whatever that is).

As crafty as I can be with textiles, I am equally as crafty at cooking, or rather crafty at finding a huge variety of published recipes to try. :-)  With such a variety, I have trouble remembering them all so I have turned to Pinterest to file them all but I like to comment and review each recipe and Pinterest has a limit for their comment boxes.  What better place to catalog my culinary onion than on my blog?!

1st review: Roasted Garlic Chicken Pesto Pizza

(Let me 1st start by telling you that the hubbs has acid reflux.  This means I can't cook with anything acidic like tomatoes (including tomato sauce and salsa) or citrus.  So standard pizza is out, which is why this pizza was so appealing...not to mention that I LOVE pesto).

This recipe comes from another blog, Sugar Cooking, which I found on Pinterest. And let me just tell you this was super YUMMY!!!  It is a bit time consuming with having to roast your own garlic and make your own crust but definitely worth it!!!  The crust is the easiest pizza crust that I have ever made and that includes the stuff out of the package and cans from the store.  It was easy to "press out" into the pizza pan that was lightly dusted with corn meal;  usually I have a heck of a time trying to get pizza dough to full size.  I shortened the rise time just a bit, which made for a thinner crust, but I still liked it.  The roasted garlic was hard to spread (not sure if that has to do with the roasting time) so I just "smeared" it randomly and evenly throughout.  Then I used most of 1 container of store bought pesto..... The chicken I cooked while the crust was rising and I used a tablespoon or so of the pesto to cook the chicken in (the rest I used as sauce).  Then I used 8oz. of fresh mozzarella (which I recommend hands down over the shredded stuff).  Then I shredded Parmesan cheese (from a brick) directly onto the pizza, so that it looked even and enough to hold on the toppings once melted.  After about 10 minutes in the 425 oven, it was pretty much done.  Although the crust was done, we still needed a fork for the center part of the pizza but man was this yummy.  The hubs gave this a 9/10 stars and I would definitely give it a 10!!!!  I used a whole chicken breast for this so 1 piece was pretty filling.  I made a standard pepperoni for the kids (not because the wouldn't eat this one, the pepperoni is a little more mild in flavor and they most likely will eat it better...  next time I will make enough for them) , so this + the pepperoni fed us for 2 nights, making the longevity of preparation even more worth it.   YAY!!!  Winner!!!  

I hope everyone tries this pizza because it was really good, even as leftovers!!!

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Melanie said...

looks really good, i love pesto too. As a fellow reflux'er i found that I can have a little tomato based pizza if I avoid the high fat meats (ie pepperoni is what KILLS me)... I love veggie pizza and it doesn't bother my reflux and can even get away with some meat on the pizza so long as its lean meat