Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I know I say this just about every post I make, but things around here are busy!  I keep checking my calendar thinking that things might slow down sometime soon, but it looks like things are just going to get even more crazy :-)  So I will try to post as much as possible, but it looks like that might become harder and harder the further we get into warm weather, soccer games and family vacations.

Here is what has been going on lately.  I have several point and shoot digital cameras and I have been wanting a DSLR since I found out that they existed.  After using a manual camera in college, it is hard to give up the control with the fully automatic ones.  But don't get me wrong, once you learn the different automatic settings on the little point and shoots, you can take beautiful pictures.  Here is the tiny Sony Cyber-Shot that I have.  

I think now you can get these for under $100.  And this guy is extremely reliable, small/very portable, takes better quality pics than a cell phone and is easy to take anywhere you go.   Here are some examples of pictures that I have taken with this guy.

Let me explain that the above picture is a self portrait.  I took this of myself in a cab in New York, with my arm extended as far away as it could go.  I was on a low light setting and the 'shutter speed' was slow so the camera picked up the movement.  I knew that this picture was going to be blurry when I took it and it was super fun to see the result, which I love!!!  This photo is 'as is'...  this is what it looked like when I took it, no altering here.

The above shot was taken while I quickly crossed the street.  I am pretty sure that I wasn't even looking through the viewfinder or looking at the display, the horizon is slightly tilted, but for a "Hip Shot", I think it turned out decent.

This one is of the Purl Soho store front window.  You can just about make out the Purl, you can see some of the insides of the store and the reflection of the building across the street.  Its almost like a triple exposure, but this one is also an 'as is' picture.  One of my favorites from my NYC trip... so much going on in one shot.

 Photo Tip: keep your eyes open... even the most regular of things can make some of the best pictures

 The above 3 photos were altered in a photo editing program for color.

 They say don't take pics from the inside of a car, through a window but this one turned out great.  And if the "border" on the bottom ever bothers me, then I can just crop it out.

The above photo is one of my favorites from our San Antonio family trip.  The couple on the left are actually my parents and they weren't posed, just happened to be looking when I took the pic (probably wondering what was taking me so long to just take 1 picture 500 pictures).

Perspective is the key here.  Taken in a fully automatic setting, but because I got very close to the subject, the aperture adjusted to focus on my subject and not the background.

I could keep going because I take a TON of pictures, but I will spare you :-)  So, my point to all of this is, I got myself a new toy :-)

(yes, this is a photo of my camera...  which I took with my iPhone)... and I absolutely LOVE it.  To give you an idea of why I wanted one, check out some of the pics that I have taken with this bad boy, I think the quality difference is undeniable! (I am mostly working in the aperture priority mode.  It's been a long time since I have had a fully manual camera... and I am working up to the fully manual mode)

I also have to include a few picture of my new camera bag too!!!  It is super cute and SUPER me, from JoTotes.

LOVE it!!!  I can fit my camera, my zoom lens, my small point and shoot (just in case) and have space for a few more things.   That's it for now...  more to come!!!!  

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Melanie said...

buy the 50mm lens, best $100 you will ever spend :)

I LOVE my DSLR and I love that camera bad, I need a new one so bad.... I just may have to get one from that site (I broke the strap on the one I usually use and the one that came with the kit I bought is too big to be useful to me).