Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bargain Hunter

So, most bloggers have recurring posts. Elsie has "10 Things I Love." Kaylah has "What I Wore.", Amanda has {This Moment}, and Betsey has started, "Only in New Orleans." I have been thinking of doing a recurring post for a while now and have been having trouble thinking of a subject matter. I could do a "10 things that I love"-ish post but I don't know if I would have a weekly 10 things to post, I stay at home with my kids 5 days out of the week so nobody wants to see what I am wearing, I have been pretty lackadaisical about taking regular photos and I don't live in New Orleans anymore. :-) I have to post about something I do regularly and something that I know a lot about and yesterday as I was shopping at Urban Outfitters, it dawned on me.... My recurring post is going to be about all the deals that I seem to score on a regular basis.

For those of you who don't know me, let me share somethings about myself.... I do not pay full price for anything! I am constantly looking for SUPER deals that I just can't pass up and for some crazy reason I tend to find the "Deal of the Century" almost every week. So I decided to share with the world the CRAZY deals that I get and maybe share some tips so that everyone else can get on the bargain train with me.

I am becoming more of a clothes horse (as Casey would say) so most of my bargains tend to be on clothing and accessories and 9/10 times the things I buy are way cheaper than I can make. Every once in a while I will stumble onto great deals for things that have nothing to do with my blog (like kids toys) in which I will share just for the fun of it.

So let me get started with my Urban Outfitters score from yesterday. Everyone knows how much I love Anthropologie. I'm not sure how public this knowledge is but Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are owned by the same company which is probably why I also like Urban Outfitters. Because I don't really fit into U.O's demographic, I am a little pickier with their merchandise. The majority of the things that I purchase there are home goods and scarves. But yesterday I stumbled on their sale that included some cute jewelry!! They were pretty picked over but I found 2 necklaces that i just had to have.

Both Necklaces: regular price: $29.00. My price: $6.99! Not necessarily the "deal of the century" but I definitely could not make them for $6.99!


Melanie said...

very cute bargains! I am a bargain hunter too... but most of my finds are for my kids

Boo Hazard said...

GREAT deal!! So are you going to do a weekly bargain of the week?? Ha, it's going to make you shop to meet your quota! ;)

ADDArtMovement said...

I thought about that... a weekly bargain. If I don't have one for the week, I might post about past bargains :) I have plenty, I just have to remember them all.....