Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More color!!!

Here are some more pretties of my new favorite color!!! [click pics for links]
LOVE this hat/flower combo so much that I made one of my own. I have the flower crocheted and now I am working on the hat. Below is the picture of the flower that I crocheted a few days ago and in the upper left hand corner you can see the skein of mustard that I am going to use for the hat. I am thinking of posting a free pattern for the flower in the near future.

I LOVE this print... and would love to have one of my neighborhood!!
I LOVE this necklace... very Anthro!
We are going on a road trip this summer... this photo is good inspiration for my camera :)
I LOVE these 'old' worn photos so much that I created one in Photo Shop from a picture that I took of my oldest and my father in law on a carnival ride from this past summer. Here is the one that I did below. It is a little more "Lomo". I might rework it a little to get more of a "flattened" image and to adjust the shadow border.

Check out the above zipper pouches... aren't they cute?? I think pillows made similarly would be great on my son's bed!
I am also planning on a tutorial for the fabric stamps that I made for these pouches below. You will be amazed how quick, easy and cheap these are to create!

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