Monday, February 7, 2011


I am still on this organization kick. Not sure if it is early spring cleaning or what but I am trying to get organized because a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.... which is definitely true in my case.

A few years ago I had an ingenious idea to tie the ends of all the little balls of left over scrap yarn together... you know those small balls that you have wound that are too small to do anything with and too big to throw away. Well, I tied them end to end, rolled them into one big ball and started knitting. I decided to make a knitting needle case. Here is how it turned out:

This was one of my favorite projects because I loved the end result but more then that.... it was completely FREE!!! And who doesn't LOVE free?
This worked great for my knitting needles, but not so great for my crochet hooks, which have just been thrown (unorganized) into a tin. So I decided to make a case for my hooks. Not sure where I got it, but I had a completed version of this project in my head before I even started. Here is the final result:

I used my new favorite fabric, linen, and hand embroidered "Hooker" (Thanks Debbie Stroller) on the outside and made it into a 'clutch'. The embroidery on this took me FOREVER!!!! I have been known to dabble in embroidery here and there, but I severely underestimated how long this would take me. However, for some strange reason I had a lot of fun embroidering this. Like most of my crafts, I did this while watching the tube but quickly learned that crafts and subtitled movies don't mix :-)
I made a lot of mistakes with this clutch that I plan on correcting when I make the next one. The 1st mistake was not stabilizing the linen before embroidering... I knew it even when I started and made the conscious decision to proceed without. Not bad, but definitely not as good as it could be otherwise. Most of the mistakes, however, were made when sewing on the zipper. It is functional and the 'clutch' is holding together so I consider this project a victory :-) Most importantly, I learned a lot!
I used an Amy Butler pattern called the 'Fashion Checkbook Clutch'.
Which can be found in this book:

I made mine the same size as hers and I followed the directions in the pattern, omitting the parts that I didn't want. The outside is a bit different because I didn't put in any pockets and and the inside is quite a bit different but the overall construction was the same. I liked this so well, that I think I am going to make a matching one for some of my knitting needles and maybe embroider that one to say "clicker" :-)

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