Friday, May 18, 2012

Quilt Market

Since I have been back from my Mom's surprise birthday party, I have been preparing for one thing....  The International Quilt Market!!

This year my boss let me tag along to scope out new fabrics and to meet some of the designers.  I had an absolute blast!!  I had a limit amount of time there, so I didn't take any pictures.  I know... completely unlike me, however, my boss, Karen, snapped a few.  I will definitely share as soon as I get my hands on those :-)

In preparation for the show, I was busy making "blog cards".  Sort of like business cards but I'm not really selling anything, so they are designed to draw a little attention to my blogg-a-roo and maybe get my name out there... a little.

I also thought that this was the perfect occasion to make a new bag.  I started out with a basic-bag-with-flap idea that turned into a backpack that then turned into a wide-over-the-shoulder-tote.  I made up my own "pattern" and just went with it.  It is a pretty basic 4 sided tote bag, full lined.  I used my signature natural linen and a neutral chevron printed cotton duck.  

I made 2 pleated pockets on the inside, which started out to be one full side of lining that I cut down to be "appliqued" patch pockets.  I pleated them on a whim and love how they turned out.  Also, because I had originally intended them to be one entire side of the lining, 3 sides of the "pocket patch" had raw edges.  So instead of messing around with turning the edges under, I dug in my drawer and pulled out a coordinating bias tape that I used to encase the raw edges which ended up giving the bag a more finished look.  It turned out great and was the perfect size for all of the brochures and handouts!!!

 I have a little more time now to finish up a HUGE project that I have been working on.  I also have a few small projects in mind to get started on.  Until next time, happy sewing!

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